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Mattel WWE Elite Series 84 & 86 Bundle Murphy & Seth Rollins The Monday Night Messiah & his Desciple

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Wrestling Action Figures, about 6 inch / 15 cm 


Seth Rollins: Interchangeable hands, entrance gear, kendo stick

Murphy: Interchangeable hands, entrance gear

True FX enhanced facial detailing

including "Messiah" decals for Seth Rollins



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This figure is a Secondary Market item. While the figure is mint and in its original packaging, the packaging may not be mint and could have minor flaws, price tags or other signs of use and handling. Boxes with a clear visible damage are sold as "Damaged Box", figures that are missing an Accessory or Build a figure part, are sold as "Missing Accessory / BAF". Loose figures, that have been played with, will be marked as "Used figure" in the product description, otherwise they have been on display only. Feel free to contact us for any questions before making your purchase.