From Fan to Fan

From Fan to Fan

Roman Reigns, the "Head of the Table", the current Smackdown Universal Champion since over one year! Roman Reigns has been a controversial character ever since his start on WWE's main roster! Pushed by Vince McMahon and others, often disliked by fans, but never fully accepted like John Cena or The Rock.

We think, that Roman has gone as long way since teaming up with Paul Heyman and becoming a Heel. He is one of the most dominant champions in a long time and has overcome many challengers in his year as Universal Champion.

What do you think about the "Head of the Table" Roman Reigns? What do you think about this storyline and the work together with his cousins Jimmy & Jey Uso as well as Paul Heyman?

What would you like to see next from Roman Reigns?

Let us know in the comments below!

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